University of Pittsburgh is operating under a modified status.

How do I get in touch with my medical provider at Student Health Service (SHS) regarding continuity of care? 

You can contact your SHS medical provider through the secure message portal or call 412-383-1800 and leave a message. Your provider will contact you via secure messaging. Refer to our website for more information about our secure messaging service:

How do I request transfer of my medical records?

SHS patients may receive hard copies of their medical records or may have copies forwarded to their personal health care providers by completing the necessary authorization form (available at Student Health Service). A nominal fee may be charged. Should you need a copy of your medical records, call the Student Health Service at 412-383-1800, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Please allow for three to five days for arrangements. Please refer to our website for more details:

I am local. Am I still permitted to come to the Student Health Service for medical care?

Yes. The Student Health Service will remain open for the remainder of the term. However, it is best to check with the University’s website or call 412-383-1800 to inquire about hours of operation.

I am out of refills on my birth control, antidepressant, anti-anxiety, and/or ADHD medication(s). What should I do? 

It is best to contact your SHS medical provider through the secure online portal or call 412-383-1800 and leave a message. It is important that you have information regarding a local pharmacy where the prescription can be transferred. 

How do I get a refill of my isotretinoin?

Contact Dr. Elizabeth Wettick through the secure online portal.

I am out of my gender affirmation medication(s). What should I do?

Contact Dr. Stacie Byers through the secure online portal to make arrangements for extending or transfer of your prescriptions.

What do I do about my allergy serum and/or immunomodulators that are stored at the Wellness Center?

Call the Student Health Service at 412-383-1800 to make arrangements for receipt and/or transport of your allergy serum. Please allow for one week for arrangements.

Even though I am away from campus, can I continue to have my prescriptions filled by University Pharmacy? Is there a mail-order process?

Due to regulations regarding mail order processes for pharmaceuticals, unfortunately, the University Pharmacy is not able to provide a mail-order service at this time.  If you are away from campus, you may have a pharmacy near you transfer your prescription from the University Pharmacy.  

How do I transfer my current prescription in the University Pharmacy to my home pharmacy?

It is very easy to have your prescription transferred. Please have your home pharmacy call the University Pharmacy at 412-383-1850 and request the transfer.  Most transfers are able to be completed on the same day, but there are some restrictions when transferring controlled substances. For instance, prescriptions for Schedule II controlled substances (such as for the treatment of attention deficit disorder) cannot be transferred.

Will the cost of my prescription change after I transfer it?

Cost may vary depending on how you pay for your prescriptions. Pharmacies may have different out-of-pocket or cash prices if you choose not to use insurance to pay for your prescription. However, the cost or copay amount may also be different even if you are using insurance. If you have a question about your prescription copay amount, please call your insurance company for an explanation of benefits.  

Where can I go for medical care in the Pittsburgh area when the Wellness Center is closed?

Med Express


5201 Baum Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Ross Township

7219 McKnight Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

O’Hara Township

50 Freeport Road, Suite 500 (Near Highland Park Bridge)
Pittsburgh, PA 15215

Scott Township

1984 Greentree Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

UPMC Urgent Care at Shadyside

5231 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232             


University Center 
120 Lytton Avenue, Suite 275
Pittsburgh, PA  15213