Employee of the Quarter

Gerry has worked for the Pitt Police as a Communications Specialist since 1994. Her tenure is admirable, but her consistent application of departmental core values is what marks for her distinction. Oftentimes, Gerry is the initial point of contact for victims and witnesses. She is compassionate, committed and wise in the principle of de-escalation. The communications room can be a stressful environment in times of operational uncertainty. Gerry provides a calm, rational link with the Officers in the field. She excels in crisis or in calm.

A list of award criteria was established and each unit director nominated an employee to receive the quarterly award. The directors then voted and Gerry was selected to be the first of many Employees of the Quarter to come. A perpetual plaque has been added to the Public Safety Building’s first floor reception area, with Gerry being the first to begin this new tradition.

Congratulations Gerry!