Employees of the Quarter

The criteria for an employee of the quarter is listed below:

  • The employee has performed an act (or service) for a member of the Pitt community which exemplifies the Business and Operation’s mission to create a positive and memorable experience.
  • The employee has consistently maintained a pattern of work performance that upholds the vision of Business and Operation via national recognition, innovation and/or sparkling service.
  • The employee adheres to department and university policies and procedures.
  • The employee provides courtesy customer service in every situation.   
  • The employee satisfies our mission statement in regards to serving the University community while practicing our core values of integrity, respect, service, and fairness.
  • The employee actively promotes departmental initiatives.
  • The employee consistently contributes ideas, in an effort to improve Public Safety's overall service to students, staff, faculty and the Oakland community.

Gerry Soukup 2018 - Quarter 1

The Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management proudly awards Gerry Soukup as the department’s inaugural Employee of the Quarter.

Gerry has worked for the Pitt Police as a Communications Specialist since 1994. Her tenure is admirable, but her consistent application of departmental core values is what marks for her distinction. Oftentimes, Gerry is the initial point of contact for victims and witnesses. She is compassionate, committed and wise in the principle of de-escalation. The communications room can be a stressful environment in times of operational uncertainty. Gerry provides a calm, rational link with the Officers in the field. She excels in crisis or in calm.

A list of award criteria was established and each unit director nominated an employee to receive the quarterly award. The directors then voted and Gerry was selected to be the first of many Employees of the Quarter to come. A perpetual plaque has been added to the Public Safety Building’s first floor reception area, with Gerry being the first to begin this new tradition.

Congratulations Gerry!

Bill Santa 2018 - Quarter 2

The Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management proudly awards Bill Santa the Employee of the Quarter award. Bill has been with the University for approximately 18 months, and in that relatively short time, he has forged excellent relationships with personnel across the University. He has established multiple programs that have enhanced the culture of safety within Facilities Management and has effectively brought communications between PSEM and FM closer together. Bill has brought his world-class construction safety expertise to Pitt and shared it in a collegial manner with all levels of the organization. His work ethic and vision for service are a great example for PSEM employees.

Bill has created an internal safety audit tool for projects across the University, and 3,059 safety audits were documented in the first 12 months of this audit program. In addition, Bill has created a log of high hazard construction activity on campus that helps project leaders focus on work with an elevated risk of serious injury. The log is updated by Bill on a weekly basis. Bill has established a safety committee within FM; and Scott Bernotas, Associate Vice-Chancellor of Facilities Management, offers this: “Bill Santa has brought an unparalleled spirit of collaboration and partnering.  His efforts to strengthen the ties between EH&S and FM has resulted not only in a stronger safety culture in FM but also in a synergy between the two departments that has us addressing issues we’d never get to individually.”