The Department of Environmental Health and Safety joined the Pitt Police to represent the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management at the 2022 Fall Safety Fair.

The two departments were part of an ensemble that included student organizations, departments and local Pittsburgh organizations at the Student Government Board-sponsored event, which was held Oct. 4 on the lawn outside the William Pitt Union.

On the cool, crisp morning, EH&S kicked off the event with hands-on demonstrations on how to properly use a fire extinguisher and put out a real fire. EH&S also had a table to make the community aware of the important work it does in addition to fire safety. Free swag, including T-shirts, were also part of the program.

Pitt Police, not to be outdone by their brothers and sisters in EH&S, was on hand to inform the community about programs designed to protect and empower students, such as the SAFE self-defense program. They also brought along the biggest attention-getter of them all: the department's newest -- and eminently pettable -- K9 dog Harley.

As students, faculty and staff streamed by each table, congestion formed as everyone took turns stroking the pooch, who soaked up the attention.

Here's a gallery of the photos taken during the event: