The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management proudly awards, Stefanie Coburn, as the Employee of the Quarter for the 2021 year.

Stefanie Coburn was serving on a Pitt EH&S team performing contact tracing to notify faculty and staff of potential exposure to COVID-19 positive individuals. She was also involved with establishing the Pandemic Safety Ambassador Network for Pitt. In August of 2020 when EH&S was asked to assume the contact tracing for students in addition to faculty and staff, Stefanie was recruited into a leadership role for the newly-formed Contact Tracing Team.  Stefanie interviewed and selected candidates for the Contact Tracing Team; she developed and executed the training of 14 Pitt graduate students selected for the Team; and she hosted weekly stakeholder meetings to standardize processes and share information.

Pitt’s Contact Tracing Team remains exceptional in their work with contact tracing performed seven days a week for 15 months. Over 99% of potentially exposed affiliates have been notified by the Contact Tracing Team within 12 hours. The Contact Tracing Team has executed over 10,000 calls while managing over 3,600 Pitt affiliates isolated or in quarantine as a result of COVID-19. EH&S and all in the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management are proud to recognize Stefanie for her contributions to Pitt’s response to the pandemic and the excellence demonstrated by the Contact Tracing Team.

Stefanie Coburn joined the Pitt EH&S staff in 2018 after working as a research specialist and laboratory manager at Pitt for ten years. She currently holds the position of Safety Training Coordinator in EH&S.