Lieutenant Daniel Dunn - Quarter 1

Lt. Dan DunnThe Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management proudly awards, Lt. Dan Dunn, Employee of the first quarter of 2022.

Dan is the regional Lieutenant at Johnstown’s campus. He has been with the department since December 2007. Dan is a solid, consistent performer for the department. He is reliable, knowledgeable and dedicated to meeting our core values and mission.

His recent involvement to restart a bicycle unit at Johnstown has been able to add additional patrolling to the campus. Dan also steps up to help on the shift when needed.

Not only is Dan a valued employee in our department but also an important member to the Pitt Community. His dedication and loyalty to the department and Pitt is much appreciated.

Mark Waechter - Quarter 2

Mark WaechterMark Waechter was named the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management's Employee of the Quarter for the second quarter of 2022.

Mark Waechter started at the University of Pittsburgh as a guard in 2014 and worked at BST3, Western Psych, and Trees Hall. He transitioned to a technician with the Integrated Security Department in 2019, where he worked alongside the senior techs with installations and service. 

Mark was heavily involved in the 2020 installation of just under 1,000 locks in the Quad, converting the offline locks to the ISD Wi-Fi locks. There was a limited amount of time to complete this project before the students came back and he played a large role in the success of that project.   

In 2021, Mark worked with the Operations Manager to get the COVID stations working in the Academic buildings as part of Pitt’s Contact Tracing program. He was able to install and program them in a short amount of time.  

This past year, Mark was the lead tech on the Assembly project, ISD’s largest installation project since Nordenberg Hall. Over 100 cameras and over 200 locks were installed. 

Mark has been instrumental in the success of many of ISD's projects.  He is attentive and always willing to learn. He takes time during service calls to explain the issues to customers and completes assigned jobs accurately and timely.  Due to Mark’s diligent work, he has recently been promoted to the ISD Project Lead Technician.

Mark has a Bachelors Degree in Criminology with a minor in Child Development & Family Relations from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He also has a Masters of Science in Safety, Security and Emergency Management from Eastern Kentucky University.

Tina Torquato - Quarter 3

Tina TorquatoTina Torquato is the well-rounded utility infielder and go-to employee for many projects at the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management.  

This past year, Tina has served as assistant to Vice Chancellor Ted Fritz while also managing the front desk duties at the Jerome Cochran Public Safety Building, where she always greets workers and visitors with a smile.

Additionally, she has helped track COVID statistics on a weekly basis, manages many complex schedules, and has taken on new responsibilities in assisting the police and senior staff like our Emergency Coordinator Bob Chamberlain.  On top of all of this, she assisted Assistant Vice Chancellor Jay Frerotte while he searched for his own assistant. 

Tina volunteers as the United Way point person for Public Safety and helps with Arrival Survival.  If you need a volunteer, Tina is your person. If you need someone to talk to, Tina is your person.   

Most of all Tina has brought a smile and a positive attitude to the building, and to Pitt, as she serves others.  Tina is a great role model for all of us and for all of these reasons is well-deserving of this quarter’s award. 

Officer Terry Stoudmire - Quarter 4

Terry StoudmireOfficer Terry Stoudmire with Ted Fritz, left, the Vice Chancellor of Public Safety and Emergency Management, and Chief Jim Loftus. 

The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management is proud to announce that Pitt Police Officer Terry Stoudmire has been named its Employee of the Quarter for the fourth Quarter of 2022.

Officer Stoudmire has been with the department since November 2014, when he was hired as a Security Guard.  While working, he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in 2020, and then applied to attend the Allegheny County Police Academy to pursue his dream of becoming a Police Officer.  In June 2021, he was hired to be a Pitt Police Officer after graduating.

Officer Stoudmire is a solid, consistent performer for the department. He is reliable, knowledgeable, and dedicated to meeting our core values and mission.  He helps create an atmosphere of security where students, faculty and staff can feel safe.

As such, Officer Stoudmire is a very valued employee in the Pitt Police Department, but he is also a very important member of the Pitt community.  His dedication and loyalty to the department is unsurpassed.