• Small fires can be extinguished without evacuation.
  • In the event that a fire cannot be controlled, be ready to evacuate.
  • Fire extinguishers should be used only by trained personnel.

You Should Never…

  • Enter a smoke-filled room.
  • Enter a room containing a fire without a back-up person.
  • Enter a room if the top half of the door is warm to the touch.

What To Do

Small Fire (Laboratory)

  • Alert people in the laboratory and activate the alarm
  • Smother fire or use the correct fire extinguisher
  • Aim the extinguisher at the base of fire
  • Always maintain an accessible exit
  • Avoid smoke or fumes

Major Fire

  • Alert people in the area to evacuate
  • Activate the nearest fire alarm
  • Close doors to confine the fire
  • Evacuate to a safe area or exit the building through stairwells; do not use the elevator

EHS Emergency Procedures »

September is Campus Fire Safety Month. Every September, Pitt’s Environmental Health & Safety Department hosts a fire safety day where students, faculty and staff have a chance to learn more about fire prevention. Details are provided closer to the date on the EH&S website.

If you are disabled, call EH&S at 412-624-9505 to develop an individual emergency evacuation plan.