UPitt Ready is the University of Pittsburgh's academic and business continuity planning system. What exactly is continuity planning?

The goal of academic and business continuity planning is to enable the University of Pittsburgh to maintain operations and services in the face of a disruptive or catastrophic event.  The longer an institution takes to recover, the greater damage it sustains to its reputation.

At Pitt, we call this plan UPitt Ready, which is a web-based continuity planning tool to create useful, thoughtful plans to ensure each unit's ability to continue its critical functions if an incident occurs.

The software facilitates dialogues between key department figures in an interview-style questionnaire to help capture institutional knowledge and protocol. By joining, you will gain an understanding of the critical functions of the department and the resources required to support those functions, and your plan will be documented in a centralized location.

We will have a report that will contain a quick access to critical contacts, key department servers, essential workstations.


Some important questions and answers about UPitt Ready and business continuity.

Continuity Coordinator Helping to Prep Pitt for Adverse Situations

Meet Charlyn Loera, who works in the Department of Emergency Management and is the University's business continuity coordinator.