There are several ways our department communicates important information to students, staff, and faculty.


The Emergency Notification Service (ENS) is used to communicate with subscribers through text, voice, and e-mail notifications. ENS messages will activate upon confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees. For more information on ENS, visit the ENS page on the Information Technology website.

Crime Alerts

Crime alerts are issued when a crime is reported in or near any University building. ENS notifications will NOT be sent out for every crime alert. Those who subscribe to the Alerts: Crime Alerts “Notify U” list will receive crime alerts, as well as updates and other news. Subscribe now, use the Opt-In Lists tab and select Alerts: Crime Alerts. *For further assistance, follow these instructions.

Social Media & Websites

Crime alerts are also posted to Pitt Police’s Facebook, Twitter and website, with the label “Crime Alert.” You also have the option to subscribe to an RSS feed. The RSS feed automatically updates when a new alert is posted and can be bookmarked to your web browser. Visit to subscribe.

Around Campus

The alert is physically posted in the general area where the incident occurred.

University Policy 06-03-02