Mark Towne 2020 - Quarter 1

The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management proudly awards, Integrated Security Technician, Mark Towne the first Employee of the Quarter for the 2020 year.

Mark oversees and manages the Biomedical Science Tower 3, Graduate School of Public Health, Bridgeside Point 2 and the McGowan Institute. In addition to managing these sites Mark upgraded the x-ray machine computers, placed 98 new Avigilon Cameras throughout campus, replaced many old version communication Boards to new version 3 series and he replaced a bad frequency driver motor that controls the exit gates at Biomedical Science Tower 3.

Mark’s other duties include programming new card requests and weekly time schedules. He maintains the service and maintenance of the turnstiles. Repairs and replaces facility doors and hardware that fail.  He currently is in the process of upgrading new Biometric Readers for the Regional Biocontainment Laboratory.

Mark has been with Integrated Security since 2006. His work ethic and vision for service are a great example. He is a very valued employee in our department, but also a very important member of the Pitt Community.

Dr. Molly Stitt-Fischer 2020 - Quarter 2

The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management proudly awards, Dr. Molly Stitt- Fischer as the Employee of the Quarter.

Dr. Molly Stitt-Fischer arrived at Pitt EH&S as University Biosafety Officer in December 2010 after a glowing recommendation from the Director of Occupational Health and Safety at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Stitt-Fischer has worked to elevate the contributions of Pitt’s laboratory safety program that relies on Dr. Stitt-Fischer’s expertise both internally to all Pitt investigators and externally to biosafety professionals across the country.

Dr. Stitt-Fischer’s comprehension and practical application of very complex biomedical research techniques uniquely serves Pitt.  Dr. Stitt-Fischer continues to lecture nationally on biosafety, serve on numerous international expert panels on safe research, represent Pitt at the CDC, NIH, and Federal Select Agent Program, and integrate Pitt into the fellowship rotation of the National Biosafety and Biocontainment Training Program.

Most recently, Dr. Stitt-Fischer has served as a consultant to Pitt leadership during the pandemic, and as a main liaison to the Office of the Sr. Vice-Chancellor for Research in their efforts to restart research during the pandemic.

Sergeant Brooke Riley 2020 - Quarter 3

The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management proudly awards Sergeant Brooke Riley,  as the Employee of the Quarter.

Brooke has been with the department since March 2013.  Brooke is a solid, consistent performer for our department.  She often goes above and beyond in many ways.  She is reliable, knowledgeable, and dedicated to meeting our core values and mission. 

Her recent involvement in the Community Programs Unit has taken that team to the next level.  Her personnel look to her for guidance and follow her lead.  She also takes on the responsibility of filling shift supervisor requirements as needed and without complaint.  She is our primary departmental contact to the community that we serve and is always looking to improve our relationships. 

Her value to our organization is immense and she will be relied upon to lead our department into the future.

Todd Williams 2020 - Quarter 4

The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management proudly awards, Todd Williams as the Employee of the Quarter.

Todd Williams has been an employee at the University of Pittsburgh Integrated Security Department for the past ten years.

 During his tenure, he has held several positions including technician, service coordinator, and operations manager. His current position as operations manager allows him to take a leading role in the implementation of all security systems across five campuses and additional off campus facilities.

 During the pandemic, Todd has been instrumental in assisting Pitt IT and Facilities Management in creating the ATO program, the installation of 63 stanchions and access equipment throughout five campuses and spent an enormous amount of time creating access levels and building schedules. Currently, he is overseeing the installation of other access equipment that will alert personnel when non-credentialed personnel enter academic buildings.