The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management is proud to announce that Business Continuity Coordinator Charlyn Loera has been named the Employee of the Quarter.

Charlyn is a real “Texan” who graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. Her maxim is “Go Big or go home.”  On a whim, Charlyn and her family packed all their belongings and headed on an unchartered course to Pittsburgh for new opportunities.  Starting at Pitt as a temporary hire coordinating the Concierge Stations during the pandemic, Charlyn quickly gained a reputation as a reliable worker who took the initiative to fix problems.

After serving a year as a temporary employee, Charlyn was selected to become the Business Continuity Coordinator for the Public Safety and Emergency Management department.  During her first year as the Business Continuity Coordinator, she expanded the Business Continuity Program, UPitt Ready, by 100%.  Charlyn also serves as the assistant emergency manager and has taken the lead in coordinating emergency communications on the PSEM website during three real-world emergencies.

During off duty hours, Charlyn always finds the time for self-improvement.  She is currently working towards a master’s degree at GSPIA and enrolled in numerous emergency management courses.

 Emergency Management is proud to honor Charlyn for her outstanding service through this recognition as Employee of the Quarter in the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management.