The criteria for an employee of the quarter is listed below:

  • The employee has performed an act (or service) for a member of the Pitt community which exemplifies the Business and Operation’s mission to create a positive and memorable experience.
  • The employee has consistently maintained a pattern of work performance that upholds the vision of Business and Operation via national recognition, innovation and/or sparkling service.
  • The employee adheres to department and university policies and procedures.
  • The employee provides courtesy customer service in every situation.   
  • The employee satisfies our mission statement in regards to serving the University community while practicing our core values of integrity, respect, service, and fairness.
  • The employee actively promotes departmental initiatives.
  • The employee consistently contributes ideas, in an effort to improve Public Safety's overall service to students, staff, faculty and the Oakland community.

Previous Employees of the Quarter

2018 Employees of the Quarter

2019 Employees of the Quarter

2020 Employees of the Quarter

2021 Employees of the Quarter

Patrick Laughlin 2021 - Quarter 1

The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management proudly awards, Sergeant Patrick Laughlin, the first  Employee of the Quarter for the 2021 year.

Pat has been with the department since September 2007. Commander Holler recently issued Pat a Letter of Appreciation that describes him best:

On behalf of the Command Staff, this letter is intended show our appreciation of your continuous hard work and dedication to our department. 

Daily you go above and beyond your role within our department.  You can be counted on to handle a variety of situations efficiently and effectively.  You continue to be a driving force of good within our ranks and your leadership is dearly valued.  On top of that, your consistent good nature and passion to do what is right is a model we can all learn from. 

A short memo almost seems too minor of a way to show our gratitude and appreciation, but it is a message that needs to be delivered.  With that being said, we will never underestimate your importance to our organization and your value is immense.

So, thank you for being you and please keep doing what you do! 

Pat can be described a “go to guy” for our department and that combined with his personality makes him beyond valuable to our organization.