The Employees of the Quarter plaque hangs on the first floor of the Public Safety Building on Forbes Avenue.

Each quarter, the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management names an employee that best represents the values of the office and its mission. Among the criteria:

  • The employee has performed an act (or service) for a member of the Pitt community which exemplifies the Business and Operation’s mission to create a positive and memorable experience.
  • The employee has consistently maintained a pattern of work performance that upholds the vision of Business and Operation via national recognition, innovation and/or sparkling service.
  • The employee adheres to department and university policies and procedures.
  • The employee provides courtesy customer service in every situation.   
  • The employee satisfies our mission statement in regards to serving the University community while practicing our core values of integrity, respect, service, and fairness.
  • The employee actively promotes departmental initiatives.
  • The employee consistently contributes ideas, in an effort to improve Public Safety's overall service to students, staff, faculty and the Oakland community.

2023 Employees of the Quarter

Department Administrator - Luke Sciulli, Quarter 4

The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management (PSEM) is proud to announce Luke Sciulli as the Employee of the Quarter.

Luke holds a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University of PA and a Master’s degree from the University of Tennessee, along with a Graduate Certificate from Pitt, and worked in Student Affairs prior to joining PSEM. Luke also successfully completed the University Emerging Leaders program.

Luke regularly takes initiative and accepts, as well as searches out opportunities. Luke oversaw the expansion of a Police Development Program for PSEM and leads recruiting efforts for the program at three regional campuses. Luke is a valuable member of PSEM and readily assists the various departments in a variety of ways; whether policy and compliance, HR, planning and development, and much more we know we can count on him to manage any task efficiently.

PSEM proudly honors Luke for his exceptional service by awarding him the Employee of the Quarter.

Police Training Coordinator Sergeant Paul Burgh, Quarter 3

We proudly nominate Sergeant Paul Burgh as the Police Department’s Employee of the Quarter.

Paul has been with the department since 2003.  He is a solid, consistent performer for our department.  He often goes above and beyond in many ways.  Paul is reliable, knowledgeable, and dedicated to meeting our core values and mission. 

Paul is the department’s Training Coordinator.  He is involved in all aspects of the training for the department.  He coordinates and, in some cases, presents at Active Killer classes.  He handles all new incoming employees, sets up the training schedules for each one, and is also involved in the interview process.  Paul is also a part of the department’s Citizen’s Police Academy.  He takes on any tasks that he is asked to do without complaint. His value to our organization is immense, and he will be relied upon to lead our department into the future.   

Business Continuity Coordinator Charly Loera, Quarter 2

The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management is proud to announce that Business Continuity Coordinator Charlyn Loera has been named the Employee of the Quarter 2

Charlyn is a real “Texan” who graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. Her maxim is “Go Big or go home.”  On a whim, Charlyn and her family packed all their belongings and headed on an unchartered course to Pittsburgh for new opportunities.  Starting at Pitt as a temporary hire coordinating the Concierge Stations during the pandemic, Charlyn quickly gained a reputation as a reliable worker who took the initiative to fix problems.

After serving a year as a temporary employee, Charlyn was selected to become the Business Continuity Coordinator for the Public Safety and Emergency Management department.  During her first year as the Business Continuity Coordinator, she expanded the Business Continuity Program, UPitt Ready, by 100%.  Charlyn also serves as the assistant emergency manager and has taken the lead in coordinating emergency communications on the PSEM website during three real-world emergencies.

During off-duty hours, Charlyn always finds the time for self-improvement.  She is currently working towards a master’s degree at GSPIA and enrolled in numerous emergency management courses.

 Emergency Management is proud to honor Charlyn for her outstanding service through this recognition as Employee of the Quarter in the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management.

Fire Safety Specialist Kevin Caruso, Quarter 1

The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management is proud to announce that Fire Safety Specialist Kevin Caruso has been named the Employee of the Quarter for the first quarter of the 2023 year.

The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management is proud to announce that Fire Safety Specialist Kevin Caruso has been named as the Employee of the Quarter.

Kevin is an alumnus of The University of Pittsburgh who earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies in 2014.  Prior to joining the Department of Environmental Health and Safety in December 2017 Kevin gained experience as a Fire Safety Technician at Carnegie Mellon University.

Kevin is an enthusiastic and dedicated member of our team.  He manages planning and execution of biannual evacuation exercises for University buildings and develops, reviews, and revises building occupancy handbooks (~95) and individual evacuation plans.  He is responsible for the University’s AED program offering advice to departments for purchase and placement as well as maintaining an inventory and ensuring that devices are tested regularly and replaced when needed.  Kevin is part of the EH&S team that ensures that Pitt traditions like the annual bonfire and homecoming fireworks displays are safe for the Pitt community to enjoy and is a key organizer of EH&S’ annual Fire Safety Day.

Kevin cheerfully works behind the scenes with many members of the Pitt community to ensure that our students, staff, faculty, and campus visitors are safe and we are fortunate to have him as a dedicated member of the EH&S team!